Team Organization

A club is only as great as its members! I hope all parents understand this and are willing to help where/when needed.

Please see below and send an email: if any of the positions has your interest or you want to share a position with another parent and you have a little time to spare. Please mention in the email where you can help. Please see following page as some positions already filled.

All teams must have:

Team parent: to provide half time drinks for both home and away teams (at home games only).
To notify I.F.C. using the teams group app by Thursday evening latest if they are short of players for the game on Saturday. There will be a separate app for this with ALL team parents

WhatsApp parent administrator: All teams now have a team WhatsApp group. These will be used for team information going forward. This is normally combined with Team Parent. But of course can be combined with another position.

Time keeper/referee: (home games only). The time keeper/ referee is not allowed to coach. Is not allowed to show bias towards the other team. The main duties: To time the games. To only step in if you see an obvious bad tackle or blatant foul or rule not being applied that the players are having trouble sorting out themselves. E.g 5m away from corners, side line balls. The goal is for the players to sort it out themselves (For all age groups please see the link (in Dutch), to KNVB rules for more information on this position).

Referees for games under 12 and over.
Please be fair and try to show no bias. Sometimes this is difficult with 2 minutes to go, 1-0 in front and you want to blow the whistle early. Please try and be fair. DO NOT COACH when refereeing. When heard this shows unfair bias.
Refereeing a game deserves the utmost respect as this can sometimes be a difficult position to do and IFC really appreciates anyone doing this.
We are looking at referee courses and more information will be given on this in the future.

Linesmen: (home games only). Every team (JO13 and up) should have a parent who can be a linesmen for home games.

Match days (Saturday):
Each trainer/coach is responsible in organizing and arranging that their teams have enough players for match days.
Team parents will update the team Whatsapp groups with venue and times for matches by Wednesday evening latest and will ask in the team apps to check availability of players throughout the week.