Introducing IFC

IFC (International Football Club) is a new football club that’s has been started September 2018 to give the opportunity to all international players as well as Dutch players a place to go where all players are a priority and not just the first teams. We want to ensure all training, clothing, equipment and support is the same for all players no matter the level and that they are valued and treated equally.

We hope to have a football club where parent’s understand the importance of supporting players and club alike, but at the same time understand the importance of supporting the players/club in the correct manner.

IFC teams will be starting at under 10 level only, as our philosophy is to have players/teams that are already prepared to play and we can continue the education. We will not be having players/teams under this age group at this time as we do have a connection with TFC (Total Football Coaching) which is a football school that focuses on beginner players from 5 years and above.

IFC is at present based at SV Wassenaar Football Club in Wassenaar under the banner of SV Wassenaar but run as a completely separate entity.

Coaching is predominantly in English however Dutch trainers are also on site.

Football is a team sport and social interaction is very important to us at IFC. Players have to be challenged, to learn and improve and of course to have fun. IFC values committed players and supportive parents. We want to be a club which attracts players that want to learn and attract parents that want a respectful environment where their children are safe, learning, having fun.

Coaching on match days should be done by the trainer (head coach only) when possible. Each team should have an assigned person to step in on match days. This person will be addressed as assistant- coach. (this will be a trainer that has been part of the training of the team)

Football is a team sport and if the players are not able to commit to training and matches it will affect the rest of their team. So IFC hope and expect player and parental support to meet trainings and matches. In general there will be two trainings of 1 hour per week and a match on a Saturday. If this does not match with player/parents expectations considerations should be made if this is the right club to sign up to.