I.F.C. begun in the summer of 2018 and grew from seven teams to twelve teams in the first two years with a membership of 162 players. The club originated from the need of an expats’ club in The Hague area and since has welcomed players from most international schools in the area, as well as Dutch players alike. Sc Wassenaar is currently housed at sv Wassenaar, and because of that, IFC has been seen by the KNVB as sv Wassenaar. 

Even when playing under the sv Wassenaar banner, IFC has played with its own kit, paying homage to sv Wassenaar by putting their logo on the arm of the shirt. 

IFC’s colours are black and green. The home kit is black and features a green line going diagonally across the chest. We like to be different at IFC so we decided we would treat all teams as professional teams and provide them with a home kit .

In 2021 IFC changed its logo to the current logo.  

The major reason to join I.F.C is to learn (football and team sport), socialise, be challenged and have fun. 

I.F.C. values committed players and supportive parents. We want to be a club which attracts players that want to learn and parents that want a respectful environment where their children are safe, learning, and having fun. Football is a team sport and if the players are not able to commit to training and matches it will affect the rest of their team. So I.F.C. expect player and parental support to meet training and matches. 

Teams have two training sessions a week and play their matches on Saturdays. 

IFC counts with teams from the JO11/MO11 age group, all the way up to JO19/MO19, as well as a men’s team. 

We want to provide correct training at all levels. The aim therefore is to have trainers who are all qualified or trained to the Level needed to coach at I.F.C. Trainers not yet qualified are always supervised and/or have been a player for a minimum of 5 years so they understand the processes These trainers will be given training at IFC and also where applicable the Dutch Football Authority the KNVB. 

We pride ourselves on having the coaching on match days being done by the trainers.