About IFC

IFC and SV Wassenaar

IFC is seen by the KNVB as SV Wassenaar at this time. Therefore when you search for your IFC team (for example JO 14) you will search for SV Wassenaar JO14. More information on games can be found under the app: “Voetbal.nl”IFC is playing under SV Wassenaar’s name in the KNVB league but will be wearing a different kit with an IFC logo and also an SV Wassenaar logo on the arm of the shirt. The logo of the sponsor will be on the front of the shirt.IFC pays a contribution to SV Wassenaar for use of the club etc. and also supports SV Wassenaar in several areas when necessary. The intention is that when we get 10-12 teams we will be registering a new club in the name of IFC. There is no official fixed plan for the future as yet but my personal goal is to create a club that looks after the players like no other club does. We strive to provide a happy place for parents to watch their children. Providing all is in place before the winter stop and everyone is happy, I am looking to add a few more teams from January onwards as there is already a waiting list at this time.WeI would like IFC to remain a part of SV Wassenaar – as its international side – and to grow to ensure all ex-pats and Dutch alike have a nice place to come where they feel welcome and know their children are safe and learning and enjoying themselves.